Blue whale calf/cm²

If you were in charge of greasing all the turbine stator vane bushings in our customer’s more than 100 hydroelectric power stations, then you would not have an easy job. But as luck would have it, you’re not. So you escape getting to grips with huge volumes of water and worrying about lubricants and pollution. You can just lean back in the reassuring knowledge that the bushings will lubricate themselves. Perhaps you’re wondering how they do that. If so, here’s how.

We’ve replaced the material in the bushings with a self-lubricating composite called Tufcot. We chose Tufcot precisely for its self-lubricating properties and because regular composite materials absorb too much liquid. In contrast, Tufcot absorbs less than 0.1% liquid and is essentially dimensionally stable.

What’s more, Tufcot can handle loads of up to 3500 kg/cm², which means that were a blue whale calf able, it could swim into the power station and put all its weight onto a single bushing without the latter’s giving way. Pretty impressive. And practical. Thanks to Tufcot’s qualities, the bushings last much longer and require little maintenance. This saves our customer money and leaves you with time to spare for fun stuff.