The secret is in the recipe.

It's all about choosing the right material based on its properties. And we’re experts at finding the right material for the right application. You can read more here about the materials we work with, their properties and what they can do for you.

  • Scandinavian Friction Sintrade Friktionsmaterial


    Composite materials consist of strong fibres that are reinforced and bound together by a matrix material, usually plastic. By combining fibres and matrix material in the right way the result is better than the individual materials alone.

    Along with our suppliers, Scandinavian Friction has many years’ experience in composite materials. Among others, Tufcot is produced in this way. Tufcot is ideally suited for use in sliding bearings, glide strips, bushings and structural components. Hydroelectric power, maritime (shipping) and steel mills are among typical areas of use.

  • Termoplast

    Structural plastics

    By using unique recipes we are able, through our suppliers, to offer materials that are both tough and durable or that can be used as a friction material with specific characteristics. One of the materials we work with in this category is called Nyrim. Typical applications for Nyrim can be found in steel mills and other engineering industries.

  • Scandinavian Friction Organiskt Friktionsmaterial

    Organic friction materials

    These materials are based on resins produced from mineral oil. They can handle huge stresses and temperatures up to 500° C. We have many years’ experience in producing material proposals, and also in processing brake linings made from organic material. Hydroelectric power, maritime (shipping) and wind turbines are among the typical areas of use.

  • Scandinavian Friction Organiskt Semimetalliska Friktionsmaterial

    Semi-metallic friction material

    This material has a large metallic fibre content to handle high energy. It has a temperature resistance of up to 700°C. This type of material is necessary when handling materials with high specific energy and temperatures. Mechanical engineering, maritime (shipping) and high-energy applications are among the typical areas of use.

  • Sintrade

    Sintered friction materials

    Sintered friction materials consist of copper alloy powders that have been compressed under high pressure and temperature. They have a temperature resistance approaching 1000°C.
    We work with Europe’s and North America’s premier suppliers of this type of material. High-energy applications and wind power are among the typical areas of use.